Develop insight step by step


Information management and business intelligence follow a growth path.

You and your organisation will go through a learning process. At every step, you will gain greater insight into how to improve your business performance.

New insights create new needs. Consequently, you are constantly expanding your horizons. Your control and directive ability become more accurate at every step.

A BI path is like climbing a mountain. The higher up, the broader the perspective and the greater the depth. The mountain confronts you with your opportunities and limitations. Just like BI. And that is enriching.

Herman Braeken, Miko

The BI growth path

Could the following approach be
your BI learning curve?

1. Discover how your business is performing through reports and dashboards.

2. Analyse the whys behind the figures.

3. Start planning based on insights gained through analysis.

4. Add scenario and simulation models.

5. Identify trends, determine the business impact and plan based on predictive modelling.

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