Microsoft Power BI Training

Do you want to measure the success of your business ?

So, learn how to create stunning visualizations during our Microsoft Power BI training.

Basic Training

Part 1- What is Power BI

Background of Power BI

Power BI versus other tools

Part 2- Query editor ETL-tool

How to collect data

Which sources of data

Part 3- Fact & Dimensions

What are facts

What are dimensions

Part 4- Data Modelling

Relationships between tables

Cardinality of relationships

Part 5- Data Visualization

Possible visuals

Custom visuals

Part 6- Power BI-service

What is a service

What is a workplace

Part 7- Datasets to Excel/PowerPoint

How to connect to Excel

How to create a report in PowerPoint

Advanced Training

Part 8- Advanced Reporting



Part 9- Advanced DAX

Working with contexts

How to ignore context

Part 10- Advanced ETL



Part 11- Advanced Modelling


Fake Relationships

Microsoft Power BI Training

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Microsoft Power BI offers an interface simple enough for end users to connect quickly to a wide range of data sources with very little effort and to use this data for the creation of interactive reports and dashboards. 

Our Microsoft Power BI training is a hands-on training and as a consequence you will get a lot of tips & tricks.

On-site training or large groups ?