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Jan Vautmans is the new CEO of Bmatix in Belgium

Bmatix has appointed a new CEO. Jan Vautmans will lead the company in Belgium. ‘The aim is for Bmatix to continue to grow in a healthy way.’

Jan Vautmans was appointed as managing partner at Bmatix in 2015. Now, he will be mapping out the strategy of Bmatix together with the team.

Jan Vautmans has more than 18 years’ experience in process optimisation and consultancy in business intelligence (BI), both at major players, such as KPMG and Philip Morris, and at smaller companies.

Bmatix bridges the gap between business and IT,’ says Jan Vautmans. ‘We speak the language of both. We understand what is needed from a business perspective and we are able to translate this into technical solutions. That is our biggest strength.

Jan Vautmans, CEO


New services

‘When it comes to business intelligence, customers prefer not to start from scratch,’ says Jan Vautmans. ‘They don’t want systems that cause them more problems than benefits. We respond to this by providing tailor-made services and solutions.’

Bmatix offers templates for financial reporting, budgeting and consolidation. ‘For the automotive sector, we have an end-to-end solution in our portfolio that already starts to make a profit after six months. A SAP certified help desk provides support after delivery. With Carefree BI, we take care of as much of the update and maintenance work as possible for Microsoft BI users.’

Balanced growth

The team consists of 18 consultants in Belgium. The Luxembourg branch, led by CEO Luis Carvalho Da Silva, consists of 5 consultants. Bmatix plans to recruit new people. ‘Our customers are growing, our services our growing, our expertise is growing,’ says Jan Vautmans. ‘We want to continue down this path of balanced growth. We currently have room for new consultants in our team. We are looking for both newly qualified and experienced people.’