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Event 30 Nov: How to Become a Leader in the Digital World (Luxembourg)

It seems like every post on social media is about digital transformation: APIs, blockchain, Internet of Things, machine learning, …

On Thursday, 30 November, we will explain these topics, and show you how SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Leonardo allow you to take advantage of emerging technologies. Let real client cases inspire you. We will also take the time to discuss use cases for your organization.



10:00 Check-in for journey digital transformation

10:30 How to become a leader in the digital world. Get inspired:

  1. Case 1: Dutch Post (PostNL) reduced 5-15 hours per partner onboarding for eCommerce services
    using SAP Cloud Platform
  2. Case 2: Port of Rotterdam is creating new business models by sharing their air quality data from their IoT sensors using SAP Cloud Platform
  3. Case 3: Bugaboo amazes its online visitors continuously by creating personalized website experiences using data driven APIs

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Group interactions, discussions, wrap-up

14:00 Closing

VENUE: Parc Hotel Alvisse, 120 route d’Echternach, 1453 Luxembourg



Step into the digital world and reserve your seat for this exclusive event. Your digital journey starts today!

Kind regards,
Anthony Doerga, Luis Carvalho Da Silva, Marc Beckers and Philippe Hamtiaux


This is a Gumption Frontstage event with a 100% focus on knowledge transfer and commitment. Free of charge. Seating is limited.