Bmatix partner DataStories is Cool Vendor Analytics -

Bmatix partner DataStories is Cool Vendor Analytics

Gartner named DataStories as Cool Vendor Analytics

Each year Gartner chooses four emerging solution providers that data and analytics leaders should consider as complementary to their existing architectures.  This year Gartner selected our partner DataStories as Cool Vendor in Analytics.

DataStories is an award-winning AI-based automated analytics platform. They make your KPI optimization efforts painless, scalable and systematic.  Companies often spend 90% of their business intelligence budgets on data collection without clear plans on what to do with it later. As a result, 95% of the collected enterprise data stays unused.   As a consequence, it becomes a cost to store and maintain.  Besides that, enterprise performance visibility is hidden because relationships between what you do and what you care about are buried in hundreds of spreadsheets.

DataStories offers an augmented analytics platform.  As a result, it can automatically generate interactive data stories.  Prior background in data science is not needed.  Domain experts can explore automated insights generated by a powerful computational engine and self-adjusting machine learning algorithms.  Data scientists can leverage this underlying autogenerated model.

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Together with DataStories, Bmatix helps you to

  • Define Key Performance Indicators for your company and collect the data to calculate these metrics
  • Present these relationships with the minimum number of metrics that impact your KPIs. To optimize your target KPI you’d want to change 5 metrics that matter instead of 100s.
  • Provide results in a clear story, which makes it far easier to align all the stakeholders.
  • Automate the process of generating interactive data stories, so that anyone can do it on a continuous basis.

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