Car dealer challenges


For automobile dealers, maintaining profitability is a big challenge. Manufacturers impose sales prices for cars and spare parts. Their expectations are high when it comes to facility investments and customer service. The dealer’s focus on short-term gains often cripples efforts to build long-term business and trust-based customer relationships. Hitting sales volumes, optimizing inventory turnover and keeping margins up are crucial.

Turn data into insight and action

Data is a valuable resource that is underutilized by many car dealerships. Car Dealer Analytics reorganizes raw piles of business data into a clear picture. It looks at your data from different perspectives, bringing problem areas to the surface, and enabling you to turn them into opportunities. Anything that can be measured can be improved.

Car Dealer Analytics portal

Car Dealer Analytics enables you to:

  • Answer strategical questions about your business
  • Monitor achievements
  • Anticipate discrepancies
  • Identify trends
  • Make informed decisions
  • Take directed action
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Maintain a high level of performance, while optimizing profitability

How do you get a better grip on the future? By increasing your insight into what you’re doing today, by making things measurable, and based on this, by fine-tuning your strategy and improving your results.

Jan Reusens, Centrauto

Core processes

Car Dealer Analytics provides insight from different angles into sales, logistics and after sales core processes. It provides the following out-of-the-box reports:

Sales vehicles

Sales overview

Sales evolution

Sales by sales person

Vehicle configuration


Financial performance of new cars

Financial performance of used cars



Stock list

After sales turnover

Evolution of parts & accessories

Sales performance & ratios

Counter sales – discounts

After sales performance


Profitability of service reception



Productivity – daily Productivity – monthly

Productivity – yearly


Reception invoicing

Repeat visits

Planning & customer follow-up

Open orders

“We have control of the wheel again.”

Find out how a car dealer’s sales team is achieving more sales thanks to Car Dealer  Analytics.

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